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Standees Flex Digital and Sunboards in Ecosolvent Printing

Roll Up Standee is an object which is standing itself with the help of rod & spring. Roll Up Standees comes in the sizes of 2x5 feet, 2.5x5 feet, 3x6 feet and others. Standee is printed on Star Flex named Star Flex Standee and PP Posters Media (Non Tearable Digital Printing Media) named Digital Standee. On Standee we Print Colored images and text in a presentable form so that we easily transfer our information to customers. Standees is best media for advertisement in conferences, parties & exhibitions.

Sunboards is a hard form material which is very less in weight and stands striaght. Sunboard is cheaper in cost and mostly used in events or exhibitions to display the products. The vinyl is directly pasted on Sunboard and to add the quality people do lamination on the same. Sunboards is generally pasted on the wall or displays in a open space by a stand. Generally the Vinyl which is pasted on Sunboard is printed by Ecosolvent Printing Machine or Flex Printing Machines.

Benefits of Roll Up Standees and Suboards

Standee is easy to carry anywhere (weight approx 2-2.5 kg.)

Standee and Sunboards are best Media for advertisement (Presentable)

• Easy to open & close ( Portable Standees and Foldable Stands Sunboards)

Standees are Cheap in Cost (Pocket Friendly means Cheap Standees and Best Printing Quality)

A-One Printing Company is best in providing Digital Printing to accomplish the Standees Printing task. We provide Best Quality work in low rates.

Facilities Provided by A-One Printing Company

1) Door Step Services

2) Editing and Designing Services

3) Durable and Long Lasting Standees

4) Provide Services for small and large quantities

5) Digital Printing, Offset Printing and Screen Printing Facility Available

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